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We have a tropical storm that is supposed to come our way this weekend, but I got in some more water entry work with Finn today.
In this first photo, were walking out to a big rock about 75' from shore. It's the rock right behind him. Finn is standing on a large flat rock just below the surface. He would be in 2 feet of water if not for the rock.
The backside of the rock behind him drops off into about 10' of water, so it's a nice safe deep water entry. To the left and right of it are huge boulders with flat surfaces the size of pickup truck beds for a safe exit.

Finn got up on the rocks, all of them and spent a good deal of time gaining confidence in his footing. Prior to this we've been on nice sandy, sloping, areas,so this was a bit new for him.
He is on a check cord for safety reasons. About 75 yards away across the water is a small island, and I don't want him swimming to that island if he gets confused, or panics. I also want to be able to guide him to the big flat rocks for a safe exit from the water if I get an entry from him today.

He's kind of just checking everything out now. I'm about 20' away, standing in 2' of water.
He did get one entry from a stationary platform, that rock, and he safely came back via the big rocks. He wasn't confident enough to do a second entry, so we just played out there for another 10-15 minutes to let him get more experience.
It was a nice fun morning, and a little bit of training got snuck in.
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