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I have a 2.5,yr old vizsla Labrador
His whining is out of control
I try to ignore.....
On an evening after he鈥檚 been walked and mentally stimulated he whines when tired
Just sits and whines at us on the sofa
I sometimes think he鈥檚 trying to tell us to go up to bed
As soon as we do go up he lies down quietly and goes to bed until 7 am next morning!
I do sit and reward him for lying quietly on his mat
Thanks for your advice x
He鈥檚 been neutered at 19 months
He aggressively knaws on his chews on an evening and has a hump of his bed !

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Boy, if you find a solution, please let me know. My 14yr old has done this since he was a pup & I have NEVER been able to break it.
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