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Vizslas with young children and chickens?

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My wife and I are planning to get a dog and we've been researching breeds for the past several weeks. Vizslas are high on our list, but we've read in some places that they aren't a good choice if you have very young children or pet birds. We have no kids now but we just started trying, so we might have a baby coming into our lives in the next year or two. Also, we have nine chickens in our backyard. They live in a well-reinforced coop and run, but we do let them out into the backyard/garden for a few hours every day.

Should we forget about a Vizsla because of this? We are very responsible dog owners and are committed to training, socialization and management no matter what breed we get.

One more question: so many websites make such a big deal about the exercise requirements of Vizslas. Yet lists Labs and Golden Retrievers as "5 out of 5" for exercise requirement, whereas Vizslas get only a "4 out of 5". Even on that site, though, in the description of the dogs they make a point of saying how much exercise Vizslas need, whereas they don't mention that with Labs or Golden Retrievers.

How much exercise do you find your Vizsla needs?

Thanks for your help!
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Sorry, I know this thread is older...don't get around here as often as I'd like.

I can attest to the kid thing. Our Loki is now 2 years old and we just had a baby in July. So far, he is the most patient and sweetest dog. Sure, he's a bit energetic (like any V) at times near the baby when she's on the floor, but he's gotten used to it now. Our daughter is getting to the "grab everything and put in my mouth stage" and Vizsla ears are no exception. He just sits there and takes it. I feel very lucky. However, any dog and child should always be supervised.

I'm sure with proper training and desensitization, a V and chickens could live together...but you'd have to start that at an early age...

And, as Loki has gotten more "mature" we're finding he's fine with less exercise.
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