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Hi there,

I have a 2 year old boy called Toby. He, like all Viz is a real velcor dog. He mouths everything and always steals my shoes for a few seconds then drops them at my feet as we go out for a walk. Recall is mymajor problem. At home he is perfect and always returns. I have tried the 30ft lead/leash and he is expert. When we go out into the fields he does not go too far and always returns unless something better catches his attention. If he sees another dog or anything remotely interesting he goes completely deaf dumb and blind. He will not come back to us under any circumstances until he is ready.

I have tried having his facourite treats, waving my arms like a lunatic, running in the opposite direction and everything else in between. It is so hard as at home and when nothing better going on he is perfect. I am out of ideas so any help gratefully received.

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