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Toby the Terrible

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Hi there,

I have a 2 year old boy called Toby. He, like all Viz is a real velcor dog. He mouths everything and always steals my shoes for a few seconds then drops them at my feet as we go out for a walk. Recall is mymajor problem. At home he is perfect and always returns. I have tried the 30ft lead/leash and he is expert. When we go out into the fields he does not go too far and always returns unless something better catches his attention. If he sees another dog or anything remotely interesting he goes completely deaf dumb and blind. He will not come back to us under any circumstances until he is ready.

I have tried having his facourite treats, waving my arms like a lunatic, running in the opposite direction and everything else in between. It is so hard as at home and when nothing better going on he is perfect. I am out of ideas so any help gratefully received.

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Hi Sue,

Not quite as bad as you but I had a time when Peanut just ignored her name when called. She still comes back when she is ready but I don't move on until she has come back, and always gets treats and praise.

When the shouting stopped working then I started using a whistle which she can hear so much easier from distance and more importantly doesn't show any emotion in it's tone no matter how hard you blow.

I find she comes back/follows on better on this than anything else. Also I hide from her when she is not distracted and call her on the whistle. She panics till she finds me but I make sure she can do so easily enough. This has made her keep looking back for me to make sure I am still there and therefore she never goes far.

Also when she does come back put him on his lead just for a minute or so then let him off again so he doesn't associate coming back to you with the end of the fun. They are stubborn dogs at times as I am finding out but the pros far outweigh the cons.

I hope this gives you a couple of ideas to try,

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I carry a small squeaky toy in my pocket that Hally NEVER plays with at home. If I want her to come to me for whatever reason and she is distracted by something else (a person coming in her direction, another dog), I squeak the toy and she comes running to me because it is the exciting mystery toy. I then give her a treat and let her go on her merry way. This has been almost didn't work when she went to chase a rabbit along with a few of her dog friends.
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