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These dogs really amaze me.

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So on Saturday I took my 9 month old V to the dog park for the first time in about two months (he just healed from an injury). He had a blast. He found a weim to run and play with. The two of them sparred and rolled around in the dirt. Compared to the other dogs in the park they were pretty crazy but Catan had a huge smile on his face the whole time.

I then went home and a friend came over with her 18 month old toddler who just loves Catan and decided he was going to walk him. Catan, my crazy beast of a dog walked calmly on his leash behind the toddler all around the house. This went on for a half hour. Every now and then Evan would stop and Catan would lick his face and off they'd go again or Evan would run and Catan would pick up his pace a bit. It was really something to see. How can a dog go from crazy beast to gentle lamb in such short time. Did I mention of love my V.
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Its just like having another child. When you have your first one you set all these goals about how you are going to parent your kid and then it all goes out the window once they come home from the hospital. I just had to kennel mine for 7 days while my wife and I went on a holiday (first without the kids for 12 years). The V lost a heap of weight and muscle in just 7 days. Broke my heart. Giving her heaps of food and exercise this week. She loves it. Oh and a lot of lap time :D
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