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She just turned 6 months. believe me.. she did not contain herself all the time.
More slightly controlled chaos than calm, but I got her out of the house on a bad weather day. In my book that’s a win.
Absolutely. Obviously i don't know what "a bad weather day" looks like to you. But so far we have gone walking regardless of weather which I am surprisingly proud of (given the drop off in other dog walkers!!)

My biggest quarm atm is the evening walk is in pitch black now even at 17.00 but oh well, a light up collar seems to do the trick. She's not yet allowed off the lead, but get painstakingly close I think. Just need to try and test recall with other dogs/people around, which is difficult at present as they are all fair weather. oh well, she still seems tired enough in the evenings.

Well done you though. Would love to go for a stroll through town with her, but us Brits are pretty judgemental when it comes to dogs behaving (or not) in public, not to mention the travel sickness, although it does appear to be getting a bit better slowly :D
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