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Started Pooping In The House

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My 2 year old Vizsla has started pooping in the house when I leave. She is potty trained and has access to go outside anytime she needs too. Why is she suddenly doing this and how do I stop it? Scolding has not worked!
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Have you noticed any other odd behavior? Anything abnormal with the stools or with urination/eating habits or energy levels? Are there any new food/treats, environmental changes, etc.? Vizslas can be sensitive dogs, as I’m sure you and everyone else here knows.

My boys know better too and they have a doggy door. My Yogi only ever goes potty inside when he is getting sick, and honestly I never scold him for it because he’s reaching out for help and I know this and can now treat him before it gets worse. A couple trips to the EC has taught me that 😅

Point is, she may be telling you something is wrong before it becomes a bigger problem and has other side effects. My personal opinion is to get her checked with your vet, especially if it’s happening multiple times over the course of a few days to a week (without other symptoms).

I hope you get this situation sorted out very soon, best of luck to you and I hope your little girl is okay!!!
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Have you thought of videoing her when your away? Some dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, will have potty accidents when stressed.
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