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I've been working 12 hour shifts these past few weeks, and taking Finn out early in the morning, before 1st light.
Yesterday morning was just spectacular. The air was clean, a low fog just above the fields, temps in the low 50's and just a beautiful sunrise coming over the treetops and lighting up the sugar maples and oaks in fall foliage.
Watching Finn was fun. He would disappear in the fog, and come out again. As well as working in and out of the woods along the edge cover.
Sometimes I only knew where he was at by his bell due to the early morning light shadows. Half the time I really didn't even know where he was at, and didn't really care. He was enjoying his morning, and I mine.
He did put up 3 pheasants and 2 quail. Chased one pheasant pretty deep into the swamp where I couldn't possibly stay with him. I could hear his bell though, and had to call him off before I lost the sound. He came back and we went to work the fields, where he put up a hen pheasant. I still can't shoot them, but continue to use them as distractions for gun work. They flush,and I shoot twice, while he's chasing them. I know that he can hold a point, and fetch on command, so I'm letting him break and chase for now just to work the gun in. Undisciplined, but we have time enough for fun.
This morning when I got home, I took him out to go to the bathroom, and the early season duck hunters are on the river behind the house. He was in the full poop position and never even batted an eye at the shotguns going off. he just kind of looked at me with a " is that you look"? He finished his "business", and we came in so he could have breakfast.
I'd say he's about as broke to the gun as I can make him at this point.:)
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