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Baxter is 19 weeks tomorrow. He has started to shed loads all of a sudden. Is this normal, do they have a puppy coat they lose? I've read that their diet can determine how much they shed in general and that a V on a good diet will not shed as much but I haven't changed his food at all so this isn't the reason.

Can anyone shed some light (rather than hair lol)
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Mercy me

they shed day 1 to the end of life ::)

baby red hairs it be

You deer hunt with Oz?



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Willie is six and he still sheds. The hairs are not much bigger than an eyelash, though. It's not a big problem. :)
Ah - the shedding plus Velcro/cuddly dog is a fantastic combination! All of my dark clothes are covered in little red hairs because if I sit down I end up with one or both of the dogs in my lap. :). I just keep a lint roller close at all times because I'm not willing to give up the cuddles. ;)
Same thing happened to Riley at about 4 months. We started using a hound mitt and putt mink oil spray on her coat. It worked great
V's are a short hair mutt - they shed from day 1 till the end of their life - if you want to keep it to a minimum in your house - brush them down before they go in side - or do what I do - run them in tall grass off lead - they come back like a shinny new penny !!!!!!
Jasper did blow out a puppy coat, probably around 4 or 5 months, so that's probably what Baxter was doing. What grew in was slightly less soft (except, oddly, on his face and ears) and a little denser. I wouldn't worry about it unless he started developing bald patches, was really itchy, had hot spots, etc. etc., as that might signal a different problem. Jasper also has a constant shed cycle--that is, he loses a little hair, but all the time. This is common among pets that live indoors, and I've been told, Vizslas in general (probably because they're pretty much always been in-the-home pets?). You'll just want to keep an eye on the quality of the coat in general, as born36 said. Regularly brushing the dead hair off may help reduce the amount that's left all over your home, if that becomes an issue, plus it helps distribute coat oils evenly.
Did you notice bumps in the skin when your pup lost the coat? Starting a couple weeks ago our Cody started losing fur and has small bumps on his skin. He is 5 months 2weeks. Thanks Richard
A puppy blowing it’s coat, or a adult dog doing it seasonally is normal. Bumps with coat loss is normally from either allergies or bacterial.
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