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Sampson is a male Vizsla, that I pulled for Cane Rosso rescue months ago.
His only way out, was with a rescue. You see Sampson bit a kennel tech while he was on stray hold. So if no rescue stepped up to give him a chance, he was going to be put to sleep. I was only told that he had kennel aggression, but most of the time, we never get the whole story. It's a lot of pressure knowing his life was resting on my evaluation. I was only going to be given a few minutes to see him in a small room. Him and about 15 other dogs were all kenneled separately in this room. All barking because someone had entered the room. Sampson was also barking, and growling as the kennel tech, and I entered.
I was thinking oh great, I only have a 4-foot wide alleyway to eval this dog, with other dogs barking and growling on either side.
As soon as Sampson came out of the kennel, he was a totally different dog. He was happy tail wagging, wanted to give kisses. No fear of strangers, and would sit for treats. When our time was up, he went to the kennel on command, and back to barking and growling.
My recommendation to the rescue, was he deserves the chance. So when his quarantine time was up I picked him up. He rode calmly on my backseat, just watching the world go by. We stopped by the house, and he leaped up in my husband's lap to greet him.
He was reevaluated at the rescue center, and has spent these last month's with a trainer that does positive reinforcement only. Sampson is not a dog that handles punishment, or corrections. He will meet force, with force. It's likely due to fear. The behaviorist and trainer think he was treated harshly during training in his past.
He is foster to adopt to the right family, as he is very eager-to-please. Happy outgoing boy. He can only be placed in Texas, so the rescue can help with any on going training support if needed.
For anyone considering Sampson, only very experienced positive reinforcement dog families will be considered, no kids in the home, and no other dogs/animals.

He may at some point be able to have another dog in his life, but there's no guarantee.
I'll get some pictures, and videos of him.
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