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Champ is a 3 month old hard headed alpha male. He often times doesn’t listen even though he knows what to do. When he doesn’t come to go potty or doesn’t want to listen he will often roll over on his back. This happens when I’m trying to get him out of bed and even during training sessions. Why and how do I stop this behavior. I have to pick him up a large majority of the time but it’s super annoying. I don’t want to ignore him when he does this bc then he’ll be getting his way. Help please

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Just a way of refusal. Shine did it to me at that age, if she didn’t want to go to her crate. Just flop on the floor, and be limp like a rag doll when I would lift her up.
As far as doing it during training.
Keep all training sessions short,
Lots of praise ( happy voice) and treats. Training at this age should be fun for them.
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