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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to check how is/was your daily schedule with a 8-10w puppy? I tried to keep him as busy as possible but don’t want him to be a super energetic dog as well (I know it’s the character at the end of the day but anyway). Would appreciate any comments.

Rik comes to the office with me. I am keeping him on his crate during the office hours except the potty breaks, outside play times and socializations with ppl at the office.

Out schedule is:
We wake up around 6.30-7am
6.45-7.45 walk
7.45am leave for work
8am eat breakfast
8.30 potty
9-10.30am sleep
11am- 12pm play on his own
12-1pm play outside
1pm eat lunch
1.30pm potty
2-4pm sleep
4-5.30 play time
6-6.30 ride home
7pm walk
8pm dinner
8.30pm potty
9pm play on his crate
10-11pm sleep
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