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Potential relocation

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Hi there,

I'm potentially relocating from Vancouver to Tokyo for an MBA program this upcoming Fall.

I'm really worried about how this would affect my V and am wondering your thoughts on having a V in a super busy city (busier than Vancouver for sure).

I know there's a member here who lives in Tokyo with their V, and I'm sure there are others in big cities with them, so I know it's doable, but just wondering if you have any thoughts on how to ease the transition.

Kindness only please, I'm choosing to do the MBA in Tokyo because its been my lifelong dream so its not negotiable and I'm not gonna just do it where I'm currently located.

Thanks in advance!
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This depends on the individual dog. Some are not bothered by the busy city sights and sounds. Others don’t do well with that much stimulation.
Vizslas are pretty adaptable in general, so as long as you provide your pup with a stable routine in Tokyo it will be just fine. Of course, it might take some time to adjust to the new normal. Stable and predictable routine is key, I believe. Make sure you find a park to easily go to and a pet store nearby your house, find a reliable vet and a 24h vet clinic.
Try to keep as many "old habits" as possible.
Best of luck to you and your V on this new adventure!
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My viszlas have moved from rural farmland into SF and they do great (other than being a litttttle too high alert sometimes with little noises, especially at the beginning. Neighbors coming/going etc.) The first thing I would think of before deciding on a move is finding good local parks/exercise areas for them! Wearing them out even more can ease the transition.
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