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Please help with market research, short survey

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Hello all, I hope you can help me with the last minute request. My apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place.
I am a single parent who was recently layed off. As part of my plan to re enter the workforce my employment counsellor suggested starting my own business. Part of the research stage is to find out how likely it is that the business will succeed and I was given until Monday to get the information.
My product is handmade custom dog collars. I have been making collars for my own dogs and to donate to charity fundraisers for about 5 years. To make the collars I use a sturdy nylon webbing base, heavy duty anti rot thread, sturdy hardware and a variety of fabrics and trims. All the collars are built to last and be machine washable. The advantage of handmade is the variety of styles and fabrics available, and guarantee of quality product.
The line has several different styles - traditional buckle, side release buckle, tag only house collar, limited slip or martingale, and fisheye or hound style, as well as matching or coordinating leashes and couplers. We will be adding harnesses in the fall. Sizes include small dog (1/2 inch wide) to huge dog (2 inch wide). Choices of hardware include nickel plated steel, brass, black steel, and heavy duty plastics.
The survey will run until Monday June 1st 0830 Pacific Time

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