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One is the loneliest number...

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I'm thinking about getting Gunner a brother or sister in the next 6 months to a year. I know OzVizBoyz has multiple dogs, anyone else have some tips, opinions, pros/cons on getting a second dog?

I'm mostly interested on thoughts around getting another boy, or getting a girl. And how the dynamic or personality of your first dog may/may not change when you bring home a second dog.
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the misses and i were talking dogs.the talk st oped.i wanted another coonhound.she wasn't having that.met a lady on her second pair a vizs.two pups she had i didn't leave her house with one i have to say at five and a half months now i know i am crazy.about these dogs. i know get more kisses as soon as i walk through the door than ever problems i give them there space to explore as a pup should and direct them to there goals as good dogs .its hard to be the teacher pack leader these guys can be stubborn when they are chasing grasshoppers always good to have cookies in your pocket helps them get back on track. smart dogs they are they do seem to forget that in am there every once in a while.would be ideal if they wernt the same age but that's how the cards were delt so i do the best i can loving every minute of it
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