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One is the loneliest number...

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I'm thinking about getting Gunner a brother or sister in the next 6 months to a year. I know OzVizBoyz has multiple dogs, anyone else have some tips, opinions, pros/cons on getting a second dog?

I'm mostly interested on thoughts around getting another boy, or getting a girl. And how the dynamic or personality of your first dog may/may not change when you bring home a second dog.
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Ritz is actually the opposite and prefers to be a single family dog. She likes other dogs and is always friendly, but she lived with 4 other vizslas before we got her (at 7 months) and she hated it as she was the runt (shes only 42 lbs now full grown). She was EXTREMELY destructive and is why they gave her away as a rescue to the shelter.
She hasn't destroyed one thing at our house and is a perfect dog here. Be sure your dog wants a second dog....i know i want another vizsla badly but it wouldn't be fair to ritz...
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