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Not wanting to eat

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Ruby is 10 months- very recently she is not wanting to eat dinner. Does anyone have or had this problem? Not acting like anything is wrong. More interested in playing with toys, etc. What about feeding once a day instead? Just looking for some insight. Thanks
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when my vizsla was a puppy, also somewhere around ten months she would also get pickier with eating. I'd suggest introducing newer variations to her meals, what I did was, instead of feeding plain kibble, I added rice, and chicken, and a little bit of canned pumpkin puree to ease digestion. Another reason for not eating may be intestinal obstruction which means that the puppy could have something stuck in her intestines that could be blocking food off. Symptoms of obstruction include vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite, and surgical procedure may be required.
She is right about the age they do this. Not growing as fast and may require less food. If she is not losing weight, I wouldn’t worry about it.
Thanks to both of you! She ate breakfast- so we will see what happens tonight at dinner. Acts completely normal otherwise- and doesn’t want to give up eating anything else- treats, grass, deer poop 😂
As for her food- it’s the Farmers Dog - looks better than some of my food!
Update-ate dinner and wanted more! Crazy Vizsla!
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Mine stopped eating around 7 months, sometimes she goes a few days barely eating, other times she eats 3 bowls of food and wants more. There are a few posts on here about this, seems to be a Vizsla quirk. I mix a range of things in her kibble and swap it around every couple of meals as she gets disinterested with each thing quickly. I also swap her kibble brand frequently, and supplement with high protein treats.
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