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Hello! I am so happy to have found the Vizsla Forums as I find the information here very helpful especially as a new puppy parent and new Vizsla owner. My boyfriend and I recently moved to San Francisco and are living in a one bedroom. We thought long and hard about owning a dog under these circumstances - big city, small space, high energy dog. However, from what we've researched it seems that although training may be hard at first, it is possible to own a Vizsla while living in an apartment. Additionally, we managed to get a place literally across the street from a very popular and vibrant park that allows dogs off-leash. We will be getting Gus, our 8-week old Vizsla puppy this Saturday and are very excited, however we have many questions about training and specifically potty training, his first few weeks home...

We have a vet and a virtual puppy training course lined up, but we wanted to know how best we can prepare before he gets here. We are going to crate train, but I have many questions about potty training as our breeder suggested that we should not let him in the park before he completes all rounds of his puppy vaccinations. We have read that some people do not let their puppy touch the outside ground at all in those first few weeks to prevent from parvo. On the other hand, some articles state that socialization and exposure are more important during this period than the chance of contracting a disease. What are your thoughts on this, and where can we safely let our puppy walk and roam in a big city with lots of dogs, if at all? In addition, if we cannot take him out to the park for potty training, do you have any suggestions for training him on wee-wee pads inside? If we do train him on wee-wee pads at first, will we have to re-train him when he can go outside?

Lastly, I was wondering if there was an in-between method for letting him inside or outside before all rounds of his vacs are completed. For instance... would it be safe to take him on less-populated, non-urban hiking trails but keep him in when we're in the city? To recap, I am most interested in knowing if and where it is safe to walk with him during the vulnerable period before he completes his vaccinations, and how to potty train in the apartment environment.

Thank you all for reading and we are looking forward to your advice!
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