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Our Bella will be 6 months old in about two weeks. I have noticed her behaviour has changed a little from her "normal" behaviour. One thing I noticed in the last couple days is she is very fond of her tennis ball!? She plays fetch but recently she has been getting the ball, then "digging" a spot on her pillow bed, placing the ball down and laying with it inside her legs. I would equate this to "nesting". She seems to be sleeping a bit more too (which I figure she is growing when she sleeps a lot, not unlike human babies) and I would love some input on this.
Is this normal?
Is this indicative that her first heat may be near?

We already have her scheduled next Friday to get fixed-I am hoping not to encounter a mess before she is due to get fixed. Thank you everyone for your input and this forum! This has been a great resource.....
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