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Love pets? Enter the Pet Awards!

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My name is Michelle and we are working with Boomerang TV to find Britain’s most amazing pets for the Boomerang Pet Personality Awards.

The Pet Awards are a celebration of the UK's best pets! We love Vizslas and it’d be great to get some award entries from Hungarian Vizsla Forum members. All you need to do is go and upload either a photo or a video of your pet. The awards are running all summer, and if a pet’s nominated in their category they’ll be invited along with their owner to an exclusive star studded ceremony in London in September.

It’d be amazing if a Hungarian Vizsla Forum member won the Boomerang Pet Personality Awards!

For more information, just go to the Boomerang Pet Personality Awards site. If you’ve got any questions, just email me on [email protected].

Thanks and kind regards

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Just to say I approved this and would strongly encourage everyone to enter, just for the fun of it.
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