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Quick update!

it鈥檚 been a great week. He鈥檚 sleeping in his crate (and we鈥檙e back in bed鈥ooray) from 10-6.30/7 with one wee break in the middle. He鈥檚 been wonderful really, we鈥檝e got a dog training coming on Sat just to do the basics and get us on the right footing. Also to work on jumping and generally being full on around kids. Want to feel really confident with that as we have lots of kids in our lives and I don鈥檛 want to worry

he came to work with me this morning and was great. Slept in his crate, made some new friends. Didn鈥檛 want to wee outside at all and had a few accidents in the office. He can鈥檛 be walked properly until his 2nd jabs so hoping that naturally sorts itself when he gets more used to being outdoors as today was his first trip, carried, out!

then a couple of hours home alone this afternoon with his new dog Walker/puppy pal who sent us these pics 馃ス and then one of him snoozing at mh

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