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lol members on this site must have real lives...

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cuz no one is ever on :D
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i think 3 is the record for members online at once
oh, cuz i'm used to forums with like 10-20 people on at once, but i guess its cool as long as people come once in a while 8)
Yeah pretty small compared to some of the forums I run (where as you said 20+ online at once) but the community here is really great and everyone is so helpful and things.
hey look three online at once we tied a record tonight.
I think most members seem to be in the northern hemisphere so very seldom do I see members online unless their up late or very early.
I just joined this forum and wondered why there were so few people on line, but since reading a lot of the message now realise you are all in America, I'm across the water in England.
I am actually from Scotland, but the majority of members are from America hence what you said about people being online.

Do you guys see many Vizslas where you live? I saw one today when I stopped at motorway services on the way back up from England, was a small one just like Phoebe.
i have a doberman and a vizsla and the dobe forum i follow has 8k members! there generally could be 100 people on at once - i do like this forum but there is not much to read
9 online......were getting bigger :) :)

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I am from England and not a day goes by when I'm not on here, I suppose I don't always log in. Should do really.
Bella is 17 weeks old and since we've had her we have met 3 other Vizsla's Calum. A 4 year old and the other 2 were 1 and a half years. We went to the lakes last week and people were stopping us in the street to ask about Bella, she was loving all the attention :)
It's an international site ,so we cant all be on at the same time,it's also the best forum around for our beloved breed.
61 online at the moment, 15 members and 46 guests, out of 3040 members, Guess that's not so bad for a thursday mid-afternoon.
Also, did you notice? This thread was started 3-1/2 years ago, in early 2009. We have grown considerably since that time!! I love the fact that we have members from pretty much everywhere on the globe. It is so great!! ;D ;D
I'm determined to grow the US West Coast number of members! Time for another blog post linking to the forum. ;)
Are Vs increasing in popularity or have the owners become less shy?

We almost adopted an intact 22 months old Dobe yesterday, the only drawback... The Dobe wanted to eat our V and our V barked aggressively for the first time. I was so proud of our boy. He's bark was deep and stable, no whining, no saliva drooling.
Of course, no match, it would take months and months of work to rehome the Dobe.
What attracted us was the fact that he was intact, tail and ears uncut and very people friendly.
it's also the quality not quantity of the members that counts,,just my tuppence worth ;D
threefsh said:
I'm determined to grow the US West Coast number of members! Time for another blog post linking to the forum. ;)
I'm still waiting for another Utah member!!! Come on, people. :)
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