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Leash walking problems with 8 month old girl

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Hi, we have a 8 month old girl Csilla and are having problems with walking on leash.
She is pulling a lot, it's not like she is pulling in 100 directions all at the same time (her behaviour isn't hectic).
But pressure on lead is constant. I've read pretty much all posts here for this problem. I've tried using "let's go/good girl" command so she looks at me every time I say it during the walk (then I give her the treat), because I want her to focus on me. I've also been doing changing directions technique, so that she knows that she needs to follow me if she wants to go somewhere.

We've been dealing with this for few months now. Some days are better some are worse, I guess that's normal for teenage phase.
But she is so interested in everything, her mind is in thousand places all at same time when she's out, and her nose is working overtime.
I've used all kinds of treats, but she seems like she cannot help herself when there are new smells/dogs/things (hard for her to focus).
She didn't have her first heat, also wanted to mention.

Maybe I'm not doing it with enough consistency and should develop strict schedule for every day. To focus more on let's say technique/quality of walking instead of walking for the sake of it.
it. Perhaps play fetch so she is more tired before our walks in order to focus more (she is of leash for 1-1.5h a day).

It's funny because inside the house, she never ever destroyed anything, amazing in terms of walking, recall, focus. So she apparently knows it all, but once outside everything else is more important.

Thank you for all the answers in advance!

Matko A first time V owner :)
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I highly recommend the gentle leader - around $16 on Amazon. Miracle for leash pulling, and just getting out 'taking him' for a walk, rather than the other way around. It's super easy, effective and I just use it when walking on leash. He's off leash most of the time I let him, but, when I need him to come along it's a dream.
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