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Just starting out

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Hi all,

I am researching the Vizsla breed and if suitable getting one later this year. Oh, hello to all !!

Te things that draw us to the breed apart from the good looks are the short low shed coats, low odour (I have heard), low tendency to bark (I have heard) loyalty and athleticness.

We have two teenage kids and my wife and I both work, however my wife is based from home and I work shifts. This means that I am only away from home during the day two days in eight and of those days some are at weekends so my wife will be at home. My wife goes out mid morning most days and is sometimes out after the kids get home at 3.30. So at worst the pup will be on its own for 4-5 hours twice per week. I could even get the mother in law to pop her head in during the day for 20 mins.

I am active and go walking often on the fells of the Lakes and Snowdonia and would like to take the dog there too. I can exercise the dog as much as required both running and walking, and the kids will help too so that side of things isn't a problem.

I also have got two cats which is a bit of a concern to me. I am also looking at Dalmations but they seem to have more health issues !!

Right, that's the background now the questions ....

Will the pup be ok for the time we have to leave her on those occasions ?
Will she cope when grown with long (10miles) walks up steep terrain with me ?
Will the cats be eaten :eek: ??

Hope that's enough information to help with replies and your experiences.


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Sound like the perfect V owner to me. Should fit the family like a glove.

My dog regularly spends 3-4 hours 5 days a week on its own in the yard with no probelms at all. We made the time when she was a pup, so as to build her up to that. Although I must say that when you are home it wants to be under your feet ALL the time.

Only 10 miles?

Mine loves the cat. Even a photo of it on the site. Cat was there first so the dog is fascinated by it. Had both of them on my lap the other night.

Go for it! Awesome dogs.
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