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Had Finn out this morning for a hunt and a run. (I wasn’t able to get him out the past few days as I had to fix a blown oil cooler line on my truck!😡)
Another hunter had pushed a pheasant into some thick cover, and he couldn’t relocate it, and told me where he had last seen the rooster.
I put Finn in that same cover for probably a half hour and he didn’t locate the bird. No foot scent he could pick up.The wind at that time was dead calm. No wind!And about 35 degrees, with frost on the ground.
I moved Finn out of there and went to hunt him in other areas.
About 45 minutes later, the breeze kicked up, so I put Finn back into that same, earlier, cover, and it took him less than 5 minutes to locate that bird. A little air movement, and some foot scent was all he needed.
We took that rooster, and it made a nice Thanksgiving Day memory.
Take your poochies out for the holidays and have fun.
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