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We have a 2 bedroom apartment that is just under 1000sf.
We crate our 8 month old when we are not home and he does very well in there.
Every morning we take him out for a min. 1 hour walk and in the evening when we get home from work. Two days a week he gets out of the house with the dog walker for a good 2 hours., she takes him to a golf course or dog park and lets him run for 1 hour solid. Sometimes she cannot believe how much gas he has in the tank. ;D
On the other 3 days one of us comes home at lunch to let him out for "potty" and to take him for a quick walk around the block and then some play time.
Weekends he gets lots of walks and usually to a dog park, our city's big park or a forest for a good 2 hours of off leash fun.
Personally I wish I could spend more time with him but due to our work schedule I think we are doing pretty good. I know a few people think this is not the most ideal set up for our guy but so far it seems to be working out just fine. He gets lots of exercise, discipline/training, and tonnes of love from myself and my girlfriend.... now if we could only get the cat to like his big tongue on her then we'd be a happy family :p
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