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Clyde, Vizsla, 5 months
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Hi! We're new here, looking for....all the vizsla tips...birds, food, training, birds, exercise, facilities, birds, what can I do myself and what do I need professional help with.

Primarily, he LOVES birds. He's been pointing birds during walkies on his own since 8 weeks, and I give the 'whoa' command when he offers the behavior....but then I tell him to 'leave it' and 'let's go'.
I feel horrible about it...he rolls in bird poo or carcasses, etc...and finds every single one EVER. I had no idea how many dead birdies were all over the ground all the time!!
(I don't allow that either, and I give him treats for all that 'leaving it')

He's SO frustrated. And so am I.
I have no real life hunting experience, but I'm as keen as he is.
Before I found this site, it was my understanding that I shouldn't let him chase/mouth live birds...that hunting dogs do not dispatch prey. They point, flush, and what am I missing in the middle here?

Can I handle this on my own?
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