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well we got her with another male, first we left her at the male dog's owner's house for a day in witch they stayed in a kennel with each other, the owners had to work so sadly they didn't get to see if he fully impregnated her BUT they said that he was not interested in her after they got home(seriously he was at her like a magnet when we left her) so they think they might have done it, so they brought they're male over to our house to try and hook them up again, but my Lili is one stubborn B!TCH, every time he mounted her she dropped her hips to the floor, so it didn't happen at our house, so i counted the days since they think they hooked up and its been 17 days, Lili's been looking a bit fat :D, now i noticed this by myself earlier today and when my mom got home she said the same thing without me telling her, so two peoples opinions means she's getting fat ...does this mean ...*squeal* PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!! ....maybe ???
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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