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How to Leave a Vizsla Alone?

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Hi fellow V parents!
Coming to you for your expert advice: how to teach/get the pup to stay at home alone, in peace and quiet? We live in an apartment building and leaving ours at home honestly makes me have panic attacks on behalf of the neighbours, and his own wellbeing.

Context: Our boy Buckwheat is now 4.5 months, and I work from home so I am constantly at home; except when I have to leave for errands or appointments.

Our crate training strategies have pretty much failed with a bang as he breaks himself out of it even when having his bed in there along with frozen Kongs and toys to entertain himself, and has been walked/pottied/tired out; as a result of the breaking-out he has torn skin off his snout twice, so we no longer put him in the crate when leaving home.
The one time since he has been left alone, he had made a pee-pool out of the hallway, broken into the cleaning pantry and attacked the vacuum hose, and was screaming his head off (I'd been gone for about 2 hours for a visit to the dentist's) when I came back. Again, he had Kongs with treats supplied but has seemed to not bother with them for longer than 10mins (only a little bit had been licked through).

Besides the aforementioned which is our main and most painful issue, behaviour-wise he's a rather calm pup (compared to some of the tales I've read on here), knows his basic commands, sleeps contentedly (wherever his bed is!) or plays with his favourite squeaky lion toy whilst I work, but being left alone without me in sight - he will absolutely not have it.

Any and all advice, experience stories or strategies on how to turn this around and make him comfortable with being alone and just sleeping through my absence will be highly appreciated, I thank you all in advance!

Picture of Buckwheat for your enjoyment below:
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We got a Gunner Kennel for our idiot escape artist after he shredded his face on a wire crate and bashed the door off a regular kennel. Would recommend! Eventually he was trained enough to be left out alone in the house, but as a puppy you never know what they're going to destroy.
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