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Beautiful pup! To echo what others have said, if it were my dog, I'd start back at the basics of crate training. I think that's the first thing that needs to be taught. A different crate will very likely be needed for the safety of your dog. At his current age, I would go as far as requiring all naps to be done in the crate. No furniture napping or lap napping until he is comfortable with the crate. Start with crating him in the same room as you for naps while you work. Slowly progress to moving the crate wherever you'd prefer to have the crate to permanently be. Practice leaving him alone in his crate with you out of sight every day. Even if you have no plans to leave the house.

I wouldn't even attempt to leave the house with the dog out of the crate for quite some time. My V is 1 year and 4 months old and just yesterday was the first time I let her roam the house out of her crate while no one was home. She did great! Not saying this is right or wrong, just what I've done with mine.

I think so much of the behavior is tied to age. From my experience my pup seemed to have a lot more "separation anxiety" (if you want to call it that) when she was younger. They grow out of it and adapt if you work on it with them consistently at this age. So stay optimistic and celebrate small improvements! The improvements will quickly compound over time if you stay consistent.

Again, just want to emphasize that this is what I would do if were my dog.
I'm sure there are better approaches to take :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts