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Beautiful dog, but I am a sucker for Vizslas!

I worry that the answer might be "you can't expect to leave a 4 month old Vizsla alone for 2 hours". I mean, sometimes you can get away with it, but unless everything lines up perfectly it is likely to go the way you experienced. A more realistic goal might be to work toward having a dog that you can create eventually, and just accept that you'll need a dog sitter until the dog is a little older. For better or worse, you've got the equivalent of a 3 year old human child who can't be left alone.

Second, there are crates that a dog cannot break out of, and where they are much less likely to injure themselves if they try. You are definitely right not to leave your dog in a crate where they injure themselves, but changing crates might help. At 2 years old we do fine in any crate, but you might need one designed more like this: Also, are you covering the crate? We usually had a calmer dog when the crate was small, comfy, and completely dark.

Good luck, it will get easier as your dog gets older.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts