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how fast is your V?

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Mine is faster than my catahoula :)

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Shoot! My female Rottweiler is 8 years old and she's faster than me!!! I've never had a dog as fast as Dexter. My daughter had a yellow lab that loved to chase frisbees and we could never throw it far enough that he couldn't catch it. I don't know if Dex is faster yet but I suspect he will be.
I was reading a similar post on another message board and I like the answer that one poster gave, "Slower than a grayhound and faster than a bulldog."

I can state with truth and accuracy that 25+ miles per hour was easy for mine. That's the speed of a Mtn Bike in a 48/13 gear pedaled at 90 rpm on a flat dirt road. Sorry, ex Bicycle racer here. ;D, ;)
Catan is slower than a greyhound but only for 15 minutes. After that he was faster. He's pretty much been faster or as fast as any other dog he's met exept his mother.
Well Kian is 6 months old and he can run pretty fast from the other dogs when he wants. When we are at the dog park they have a hard time keeping up.
A friend of mine has a 2 year old V which Kian cannot keep up with...YET ;D

a friend's choc lab came round at the weekend and I took a phone video of thier first play together.

She was already running rings round the 6 month lab at only 9 weeks, (in the vid).

Miley the lab stands no chance in a few months !!!
Lili is HELLA fast, she's fast enough to catch a rabbit, but since we didn't teach them to hunt she just runs close to the rabbit then turns back to me lol, she can run through our deserts like a little deer ;D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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