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Our pup Maggie is 12 weeks old and we also have an old girl, Tess, who is 12 years old.

The two are getting on ok, although Tess is not keen on being bitten and harassed as much as she is.

I have two problems that I think are probably linked.

1. Sharkies - they seem to be getting worse and we're struggling to deal with them (the humans and Tess). They are often bad after a walk or puppy training class, when you might expect her to need a rest.

I've been reading around and it seems that they could be a result of being over-tired or over-stimulated. She sleeps well in her crate all night (until 0630/0700) but I'd like to have the napping routine better established to try and make sure she is getting enough rest, but that leads us on to problem number 2.

2. Maggie has several naps during the day (often in her crate with the door open, sometimes on the sofa). I'm around most of the time. She can be sleeping soundly, but then Tess will bark at something, maybe the postman, or me on the phone, or something unknown. This wakes puppy up, who is then frightened and runs behind the sofa. She will often go back to sleep, but then Tess will bark again and wake her up. One day with workmen in the house it was horrendous, and Maggie was trembling with fear, while on a quiet day with no disturbances she can sleep peacefully for maybe 2.5-3 hours in the morning. Because the morning nap is so frequently disturbed, we have no routine for the naps during the rest of the day. Sometimes she has them and sometimes not. Sometimes she can sleep for much of the afternoon and then the evening sharkies are horrendous.

I'm sure it's no coincidence that when we're out and about one of the few things that seems to worry her is barking dogs. Maggie came from a great breeder, who has several other vizslas, so it was a busy and often noisy first home.

Can anyone help ?
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