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Hopping on back leg

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Hi I am new to the site but have read many informative posts over the last three years since getting Ollie my three year old male Vizsla. This is Ollie
Water Dog Sky Cloud Carnivore

and he developed a little hop on his back left leg about 6 months ago, this only really happened when off lead and walking, never noticed it when running but may be due to his speed and me not being able to see it . It never seems to bother him and some days he will hop a few times others not at all . We went to the vets and was told to keep an eye on it in December . Yesterday Ollie went for a series of x rays and the vet rang to say she thinks he has Lumbosacral, she has advised an MRI scan at a specialist pet hospital but is going to contact them and get their opinion.
Not knowing what this condition was I did a quick internet search and from what I understand it’s a nerve in his spinal cord being compressed causing him to adjust his stride.
The hopping is the only issue Ollie has and this has decreased over the last few months ,on a four hour walk last week I hardly noticed him doing it , he jumps around , races upstairs and does not seem in any pain .
I would like to ask if anyone else has any experience of this condition and can give me some information advice as not sure if it gets worse with age, if we are better leaving it and see what happens or going down the surgical route which will obviously have some high risks .
Thanks for any information or advice .
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I’m very pro vet physio, so I’d personally have him assessed by someone who’s used to assessing musculoskeletal systems of dogs every day for another professional opinion. Hard to say anything without seeing it but I agree with the first response in that it leads me to more questions given clinical signs of LS disease and how yours is presenting
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