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Hey All,

I have a 4 year old (spayed) female V and an 11 year old (?) neutered male terrier mutt rescue.

The Vizsla runs the house (literally and figuratively). She is generally a pretty good dog, despite my so-so attempts at training. Just so sweet to everyone. She is great on long walks alone or with her "brother". We do have a few behavior issues that I don't love.

1) She seems to be always vaguely unhappy - whining to be closer to people when it is not physically possible to get any closer to her human of choice. Is she miserable? Or just "talkative"?

2) She apparently has no body awareness at all and is constantly stepping on everybody's feet, or even shoes if they are left around. Is she just oblivious or this on purpose?

3) Counter-surfing. I know. For now, I just don't ever leave her unattended. She is four though, and I don't see her ever stopping this. We have a very open floor plan so unless she is contained, she has access to the kitchen. If there is food, she will get it.

4) This may not be worth worrying about yet. What will she do when the older dog, her sleep-mate and constant punching bag/companion dies first? We don't want to get another dog. Would a cat fill in that void?

Thanks for any advice.

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She sounds like the typical spoiled Vizsla.
They are such masters of manipulation.
If we’re not training them, they are busy training us. If your okay with her manners being the way they are, I wouldn’t worry about it.
None of us have perfect dogs, we all have some areas we need to work on. Or we’ve decided that it’s okay for them to do it.
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