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Hi from Arizona

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Hi to everyone from a little town in Arizona called Dolan Springs. I could use some advise. I noticed this great looking dog running wild and looking thin, so I put out some food and water for her. She would never come around when I was outside but I noticed water and food was gone when I went back outside. So after doing this awhile I would sit outside and wait to see her and get the food for her then. She did not want anything to do with me at first. But after doing this awhile she would come up and take food from my hand. Then she came over and nudged my arm as if to say "love me already" So I did and have ever since. She has been with me for over three months now and we go and do everything together. I took her to the vet, found out she is @ 1 year old, not microchipped and was in need of medical attention. She had worms, ear infection, and was under weight. So now she is in tip top shape with all shots and just a very loving dog. Vet said she was a Vezsla mix. Reading up on Vizsla I see that they need a lot of room to run and she is used to running wild. My problem is this I am disabled due to a back problem and cannot run or walk her very far. Does anyone have any advise on how I could keep her, My whole family has grown to love her, right down to my little terrier dog and would hate to have to give her up. But I want whats best for her. I live in a small town so I have just been letting her out to run, but I don't like doing this. But she seems to get cabin fever whining at the window, scratching at the door. And she wont go potty on a leash... I think she has been running free for so long that that's what she is used to. Help any advise will be appreciated.
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How sad...but also how sweet you've taken in a red friend!

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. She might be pawing to get out as maybe she's not used to being a house dog yet. My one recommendation for exercise: is there someone in your house that rides a bike? My husband will sometimes take our guy for a run behind the bike. He doesn't have to do this for too long to tire our pup out. You can also exercise her mind by doing basic obedience or teaching her tricks. Vizslas like the mental exercise as well.

Or maybe, after teaching her the "come" command, you could drive her out to a field away from traffic and have her run around...?? Or you can hope she picks up traits of the other breed she's mixed with!

I don't know that i really have any good advice. And Vizslas don't need to be run everday, per se. Just enough not to drive their owners crazy! Good Luck.
Well, I'm not sure if this is an option since you said you live in a small town, but perhaps you could take her to a dog park? I have had pretty good luck with that so long as I keep a close eye on them. Good luck!
I've seen people running their dogs behind their cars but you would have to be pretty careful doing that. But if you live in a small town???

I just ran myy dog about 10km today and she is had it. Tomorrow I won't run her very hard and she probably won't want to.

Good luck. They are very affectionate dogs. By the sound sof it you are hooked! She's there to stay.
First off, I don't think the dog/car thing is a good idea, mostly because way too many things can go wrong. A bike is totally different and a lot safer. Here are a couple ideas I have based on the little I know about your condition and your town:

1. I think a great idea, though it may be costly, is to try and find a treadmill. Some people don't like it, but if you've ever watched Cesar Millan on the National Geographic Channel it seems to be effective. Your dog gets the exercise she needs in a safe environment (your home) that your comfortable with.

2. Dog park, really any fenced area is a great way for your dog to run around without you needing to do much of anything. Usually when a group of dogs get together they run around like crazy. Or if you don't have a local dog park, maybe you could find a large field/fenced property and a ball launcher or even just a tennis raquet and ball.

3. Dog walker/running enthusiast. This is kind of tough, but if you ask around you may find someone who loves dogs and is willing to take your dog out for some exercise for you.

4. Try some off leash training. If this dog lived on its own for so long and kept coming back to you for food there's a good chance if you let her out on her own she'll come back when called or at least when she wants to come back in. Again, I don't know where you live, so if you live on the corner of a main intersection then this probably doesn't work, but if you have some property or live near an open field/wooded area then you can give it a shot.
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