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hi everyone here i am new from chester in the uk looking to chat about viszlas.
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Hey there!!
I am in Western Canada and just recieved a new Vizsla puppy less than 2 weeks ago. She is our second dog and she is 9 weeks old as of yesterday. Totally in love already!! Our 1st Dog is too (5 yr Lab x).
We are the only people we know who have a Vizsla so it will be nice to talk with others about them!!
Hello donne21 and Tova the Great, thanks for joining the forums. I haven't done that much advertising because I am very busy, but will start soon and hope this place will vecome active.
New V Owner

Hello Everyone,

I'm a new V owner and so far it's been quite a ride. Cooper is 5 months now, we got him at 13 weeks. I've had dogs all my life, 4 Dobermans and a Pitmix over the past 17 years. I have never had a pup like Cooper. He wears me out!!
I am looking for much assistance along the way. I've not ever dealt with jumping, counter surfing, barking and biting! I am used to obedience training so that's what we have been working on now for the past 2 months. I'm grateful Cooper learns quickly, but he loves to challenge me at the same time. After reading many of the posts, I realize that it's not just Cooper, its the Vizsla breed that comes with the territory!:)

Welcome! You are in for a ride. But, it is a good one. Hold on tight, and know in the end he'll leave you smiling.

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