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Help - 5 month old sleeping all day and acting weird

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Hello! We have a beautiful 5 month old girl, Lenny. She is normally very active - we do a 60 minute trail every morning.
Starting last night she’s been acting very strange, she snarled for the first time ever when we tried to touch her snout, then she burrowed her snout into her bed. All day today she has been extremely exhausted and hasn’t wanted to do anything. Important to note: she is generally eating most of her meals, drinking water and stools are perfect. She’s been losing a lot of baby teeth recently. When we got her mouth open for a second we noticed the 2nd canine hasn’t fallen out and is close to the adult tooth(see attached photo).
The tooth explains the yelping but would a very active puppy sleep the whole day because of teething pain?
Thanks in advance for any opinion or guidance.
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Adding another detail - when she’s not laying down, her head stays down whenever she’s sitting up…looks strange
Not uncommon for them to retain the k9 puppy teeth, for some months after the permanent ones are in place. It happens quite often, and with some bully sticks, and other long lasting chews, they will finally lose them. I don’t see her bottom K9s, are they in yet?
I would be very concerned she has something else going on, and would have her seen promptly by a vet. I’ve never seen a retained puppy K9 caused them to act the way you’re describing.
And keeping her head low could be a sign pain/injury, or soreness to the neck or back.
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Thank you, @texasred. I don’t believe her bottom canines are in yet. We took her to our very reputable and experienced vet today and she couldn’t find anything wrong with her. She inspected her teeth and as you said, said that all seems normal. She performed motion/feel tests on her neck and body and nothing on her body seems to be bothering her.
we are thinking it has to be something related to her mouth bc she’s very gentle now taking treats…very very strange that she’s so lethargic all day.
Still has a normal appetite and eats/drinks/goes to the bathroom normally. We have no idea what to do other than wait it out…
Have you looked at the roof of her mouth.
I can’t really tell from the picture, if she has a overbite. There is a space where the lower K9 should be, and looks like a tooth that is inside, not lined up with the upper teeth. But like I said it’s hard to tell from the picture.
If she continues this behavior and you cannot find a cause. I would have the vet refer her to a chiropractor.
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