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Hello everyone,

My name is Linda and in 4 weeks time I will collect my first Vizsla puppy ;D
I'm so excited we went to pick her on Sunday and went to reputable breeder and have hopefully picked a beautiful lttle girl.
I have a 3 year old weimaraner already who is looking for a friend.
I have wanted a Vizsla for ages and love the breed.
Any hints and tips on new puppies will be greatfully accepted.
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a vizsla and a weimaraner, sounds like an awesome pair, i dunno i guess just give her a lot of love and play a lot with her but also let her play more with your weimaraner so they can become soul mates ;)
If you've managed a Wiemaraner you aren't going to need to many tips anyway! Enjoy your pup, where are you located?
Hey guys thanks for the replies.
Finally picked Ruby up on Friday we introduced her to her big brother on the local football field but he wasn't much interested in her?
We brought them home and she slept right through on Friday night! ;D

Saturday brough lots of trepidation Ruby kept approaching our Weimaraner and he growled at her more than once??
He doesn't seem to want to even be in the same room as her most of the time.

We were correcting what we thought was unsuitable behaviour in his growling etc but have since read that this should be ignored completly?

Today he has snapped at her a couple of time ending in her yapping and cowering in a corner.
Any advice would be appreciated.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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