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Hello from Utah

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Hi everyone, I guess since a bunch of you are introducing yourself I will too. I'm from Utah about 30 minutes South of Salt Lake City. I have two Vizsla's 1 female, 1 male. Sadie, my female is two years old and my Male Gus is 1 1/2. Both dogs are great hunters however the younger dog is still in training. Sadie guides for a pheasant club out in the Cedar Fort area and she LOVES it. She would do it nonstop all day long if we let her.
We are also expecting our first litter of puppies in a week or so which is exciting. Both dogs come from great lines. It'll be interesting having a bunch of little puppies running around.
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That is going to be exciting. Welcome to the forums.

You should reply to the thread "One is the loneliest number" . They wanted to know what it is like to have more then one pup.

Let us know how it goes.
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