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I am new to the forum....I love talking about my "babies" so this is the place for me!
Kyra von Rose is our oldest, she is 2 1/2 and was purchased from Attagirl Kennels in CA.
Zinfandel, my boy, is a little over a year old and he was rescued from a puppy mill in Florida.
Spice it up Annatta, my youngest, is 9 months old and also came from Attagirl Kennels in CA. She is a handful- the hardest to train thus far.
One day I hope to have a kennel and at least half a dozen vizslas. Although I don't know where we will all sleep since the king-sized bed is full already. How do you get a vizsla to sleep on their own!?!? :) No, I love the snuggles....
We are considering trying our hand at breeding when Annatta is old enough to have her hips checked...we will see though.
Most of my time is devoted to my babies and I will be the first to admit that they are spoiled. But a spoiled vizsla is a happy vizsla!
Looking forward to meeting some new friends......
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