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Hi Jay,

I personally have not been through this, but I know a few people who have had dogs with lymph nodes or some type of irregular growth. I believe all of them had a biopsy performed. My fiance's family had a schnauzer that developed LOTS of growths toward the end of his life, all biopsy's turned out negative for cancer.

I was under the impression that a biopsy is only mildly invasive, but your vet would no more than me. I think that's the only way to really no what you're dealing with. Unfortunately you may have to weigh your dog's ability to recover from a biopsy against what could potentially happen if you forego the biopsy and hope for the best.

Also, I would recommend going to a different vet for a second opinion. My feeling is that animal doctors are just the same as people doctors. If you personally were in this situation I would recommend you go to another doctor for another opinion, in my eyes it's no different with your dog.

Good luck. Feel free to reply with additional questions/updates.
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