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Hello All,

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Hi Everyone, New to the forum, we have a 14 month Vizsla dog called Oz. He is coming along great now although the first few months were a little testing sometimes!

We live near Wakefield West Yorkshire UK. Oz loves to swim so we take him anywhere he can have a swim, there are plenty of safe watering holes nearby for him.

Are there any Prettypoint owners out there. Oz was born March 2009.

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Hello and Welcome from Sunny Southwest Florida.

Since finding this great forum I have learned so much, shared my experiences, laughed and cried along with all the other members
and hope that you too will enjoy all the interesting questions and
words of wisdom.


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Our male was born on Valentine's Day 2009, a month before yours. There was a time that we were wondering if we had made a mistake in buying him but several months ago he seems to have decided to be a good dog. He now is very calm most of the time. Our little girl is 6 months (she missed Halloween 2010 by one day) and she has pretty much been pretty calm from the start. We love them dearly!!!

Welcome to the forum!
Hi, I just joined this forum today. Our Abby was born on Feb 24, 2009. She has had a lot of issues with separation anxiety, but I love her so much I'm willing to put up with the destruction she has made to our new home. I know in time she will adapt. We've done it all to help her, nothing has yet to work. I'm willing to get her a pet sitter but my fiance is putting his foot down on that, its too much of an expense. We also just got her a sister thinking it would help, but it really hasn't. So I'm hoping to get advice from others out there who are dealing with the same issues we are.
Welcome! This place has been the greatest source of info!

Islander- LOVE the new pic!
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