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Catan's beds seem to have a 'shelf life'. They're only good for so long. He will sleep on them but he will also dig in them, attack and pounce on them. We bought him a new one for Christmas which I had locked up in my closet. A couple of times he saw it and tried to bring it out and I would stop him and put it back. Now he seems to think this new bed is still forbidden and is always trying to tear at it or carry it off to another room. It's very funny. He treats the new one like a chew toy and goes back to the old one to sleep.

Something similar happened with a chew toy once. Catan got a hold of it before I wanted him to have it. When I did give it to him he would always run off into another room with it and stand and wait as if he knew we were coming to get it from him.
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