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Crazy Kian (Onpoint's Éire go Brách, which is his CKC name)was born a year ago today. Even though he's only been with us for 10 months it feels like we've had him for way longer than that.
Here's a little look at the past.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little buddy!

In his crate on the way home from the breeders.

Attitude from day one, this is the first day we brought him home. He still gives us that look from time to time.

First video

Meeting the Marley for the first time.

Trying to figure out how to get up on that sofa.

This was a big day, I let him off leash and went for a hike through a wooded area for about 2 hours...this was the result.

His serious look at the cottage.

And now look at him...... he didn't look too impressed with my girlfriend's dad for doing this to him.

Okay, I will stop now. I could go one forever but what fun would that be.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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