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Hello all,

We have a 4 month old girl vizsla who is, of course, full of energy. We definitely do our best to get her daily exercise in. However, I recently read in some places that they should not walk for more than twice their age in minutes at one time. So her being four months, should we only walk her 8 minutes at a time? From the same source, I also read they should only walk on dirt or grass and to avoid cement, sidewalks, etc. for their first year?

Everyone who owns a vizsla knows what the "rodeo" look is, right! When she gets that look, we know she needs to burn some energy so we either take her for a walk or play games with her in the yard or in the house. Once in awhile this happens at 11:30pm and we are trying to head to bed. So when she was about 2.5 months old we took her downstairs to our treadmill and let her walk about 3 minutes at a good pace and she loved it! We have done this several times over the last month and a half, but never more than 3-5 minutes at a good walking pace or slow trot. Do you think this is hurting her growth plates? That is definitely the last thing we want! We figured though that at least introducing it to her at a young age would make it easier for later on in her adulthood. Please let us know your thoughts! If you do discourage the occasional use of a treadmill, feel free to offer other suggestions to add to her daily walks, and playing with her indoors and out. I find we feel we're a rock in a hard place because this breed has more energy early on than its growth plates can handle. How do you know where to draw the line between getting a dog enough exercise and not hurting its growth??????????????
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