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going to the beach

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So I took my pups to the beach today.Mind you there is still ice on shore and somebody feet went throught the ice.Never the less I see so many pics with people and there dogs at the beach.where i went there was a sign said no animals no dogs.Now I dont think this is fair. Iwant to play with them at the beach this summer.Tell me are there dog beaches.are people allowed at these dog beaches do i have to wear a state sucks.New york is a crappy place to live sometimes.I will send my state senator a letter.thats what i will do and a million dollars that will get things fixed right.
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phoebe loves the beach, loves digging holes in the sand especially when people start digging she joins in.
More people = less freedom.
Want to really save the world, forget Kyoto etc. Just need less people.
Simple. Then you could take your dogs anywhere.
Where I live (Hawaii), people often bring their dogs to the beach. Most cleanup after their dogs others don't. Which then I could see why animals are not welcomed. IF there aren't many people around, then we let our Snickers roam. He is sure to keep us within seeing distance. When there are a lot people and children we tend to keep him on the leash out of consideration. Best time to take Snickers to the beach is in the early morning where he meets other dogs for socialization. We're in and out of the beach (about and hour) before the crowd starts coming. :)
that would be nice I am up early enough to be at the beach before anyone else.but the signs are always there dont want to pay the fine.maybe someday we will find a beach
Where we are the beach is "open" from Memorial Day to Labor day, which means no dogs allowed. So the rest of the time, September to May, you can have your dog on leash at the beach.
Leashed at the beach. Now what is wrong with that sentance.It doesnt take a smart person to figure this one out does it.Where have all the dog beaches gone
Sorry to say that I took the family and the V to the beach on Easter Monday for a picnic. Sun was out, waves were rolling in. There were about 10 other people in sight and the sand went off out of sight in both directions. The V had a great time running around and getting wet.

No dog restrictions at all. Looked more like people restrictions!

(Trying hard not to skite ;D)!
I am mad as **** my dogs are being cheated.there are too many dog haters i am geting out my shotgun
The City of Toronto has just banned dogs from being off-leash on beaches in the city - a $300 fine will be levied to any violators.

This really blows b/c many of the residents in the Beaches neighbourhood are dog owners. The Beaches even has a dog parade (aprox 100 dogs take part) within their Easter parade.

Increasing urban sprawl, decreasing green spaces in the city and decreasing off-leash areas makes for many frustrated dogs and owners. Seriously considering going into the indoor dog park business.
treetops that sounds like a good idea.then you should geta retractable roof so the sun can shine in to ... woops sorry that was a pipe dream of sucks not to be able to take your dog to the beach.Never the less i had mine swiming today at some large ponds that are surrounded by farm land it is a great place for the dogs to run free.I also like to see them run at full speed for an hour they have a blast chaseing all kinds of ducks and geese.Pretty soon those birds are going to be haveing babys and then it will be game on
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