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Goes Nutz indoors...not so much outside

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I will play fetch with my 5 month old V for 5-10 minutes. several times per day and go on a good long walk which includes about 30 minutes off leash. get him panting and then bring him in with me. he will then go bonkers inside with toys. If I let him out, he will sit calmly by the door seemingly content but will not chew a toy or do anything that might expel energy.

what is it about being in the presence of a human that makes him play? I'm not playing with him inside. he just goes nutz. we go outside and he calms down. I'll sit outside and read and he won't play hard.

other than he needs to get more exercise are there any thoughts about the above??
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I think its all the human smells that are inside. Its so you and the dog loves it. We have a mat for the V and that is her place and she spends most of her time on that. We can move it from room to room. She doesn't get free reign. Its a bit like having a toddler. You have to have a part of your mind asking where it is ALL the time. Usually if it goes missing in the house it will be in someones bedroom playing with the clothes! ;D

It doesn't take much to wind them up. I had to put as much training into the kids as I did into the V on how to behave inside. No high energy activity (or talking) to the V. Inside is a calm place, otherwise the house would be trashed.
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