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foreign objects

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We've tried to vizsla-puppy-proof the house but somehow, she does manage to get some things that she shouldn't. One of us pulled a tiny scallop shell out of her gullet the other day. She got some sort of small glass beads and we have no idea where they are from or where she found them. Is this pretty much a life-long issue or does it get better as they get older?
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V's are very curious, and like to play, so yes it will be a lifelong issue. They'll constantly be presenting you with new found treasures. ;)
None of mine have been destructive, nor have they needed surgery to remove anything, though how still amazes me :eek:. I've seen some pretty big splinters of wood disappear down those throats before I could get to them.
You can only do the best you can and hope for the best. They're going to explore.
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